How last night’s last-minute trip to Manhattan went.

  • Decided to go in the first place to try and meet Olivia Harrison
  • First bus showed up an hour late and completely screwed me over
  • Wound up in Manhattan 30 minutes after Olivia left Barnes and Noble :(
  • Decided, “Fuck it. I’m in New York.”
  • Proceeded to hit up Applebees (had a gift card!), a few bars, and Dave & Busters. 1st Place High Score on The House of the Dead 4 belongs to me (JLT)
  • Accepted that I lost track of time, throw sleep and caution to the wind!
  • More restaurants, and the distribution of Winter Day’s debut album!
  • Learn that the next bus to WPU leaves at 9AM….it’s only 3AM.
  • Aimlessly wander around the streets and the subway
  • Realize that my money has “mysteriously vanished”
  • Get conned out of $10 by some guy posing as a “city guide,” proceed to kick his ass when he tries to get more
  • More wandering…only four hours to go until that damn bus
  • Dangerously drifted to sleep in the middle of Port Authority with random chest pains
  • Arrived at WPU at 10AM, slept, woke up….and wrote this.
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